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Workplace Inspections, Reviews and Audits

Your workplace environment, tasks, equipment or processes change over time. Or new legislation or amendments may have been introduced. A review is a pro-active approach to safety management through measurement, evaluation and management review. Workplace Inspections, reviews and audits are conducted to determine the effectiveness of your systems, while identifying strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Redhawk Safety will visit your workplace and produce a report complete with recommendations or suggested ways to improve things. If the system is working well the report will reflect that. We provide an objective assessment on areas such as:

  • Existence of robust Health & Safety systems
  • Management commitment
  • Health & Safety roles and responsibilities
  • Controls for suppliers, sub-contractors and purchasing
  • Health & Safety consultation, participation, and communication
  • Risk management
  • Training
  • Accident recording, investigation, analysis and review
  • Measuring and evaluating Workplace Health & Safety performance
  • Legislative compliance of Health & Safety Management Systems.

Not only will an inspection or audit provide an accurate gauge of how well your Workplace Health & Safety Management System is working, but it also provides a record that demonstrates your commitment to continual improvement in safe workplaces.

Workplace accidents cost time and money (and heartache!).

A safe workplace is a cost efficient workplace.