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ACC – Levy and Claims Advice

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and understanding of ACC Claims, Levies, legislation, systems and processes, together with a passion to help people understand ACC and possibly save money while doing it.

For an annual fee we will manage your ACC account(s) for you. Part of this service will include a full account review where we can assist in enhancing all aspects of your ACC.

Some of the things we help with are:

  • Classification Units
  • Full time/Part time status
  • CoverPlus Extra
  • Earnings allocation review (including mixed earnings)
  • Negotiate payment plans and debt management
  • Simplify your understanding of ACC
  • Act as a liaison between you and ACC

Redhawk Safety will assist your business to achieve the best possible levy amount. On completion of our Authority Form we can provide a free no-obligation initial assessment to determine your correct status and entitlements.